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Catacombs is an ongoing collection of 35mm color analog filmstrips and slides that have been sourced from antique shops, garage sales, and family and friends’ storage spaces. Each negative is selected for a certain reason; whether it be a personal connection I feel with the image, an enjoyment of the colors in the photograph, or its interesting subject matter. After selecting each photo, I scan the film to create high quality digital files of the images. To bring the image back to life, I meticulously restore the image by editing the dust and scratches out and color correcting it. This collection brings moments back to life that were abandoned by their original owner.


189 Miles

189 Miles, 2019, is a series of four photographs taken with a large format camera and printed digitally on archival pigment paper. Inspired by Sally Mann’s photographs of her husband, Larry Mann, and JoAnn Verburg’s photographs of her husband, Jim Verburg, this series focuses on making portraits of me with my partner, Riggs. While my relationship with Riggs is emotionally the closest and most intimate I have felt with another person, we are physically separated as we sustain a long distance relationship. Our connectedness comes in waves, as we see each other once or twice a month. Aside from those one or two stretches of immense connection, the rest of the month we are left disconnected. 189 Miles is an attempt at visually expressing the waves of our connect and disconnect.